With the enormous amount of Spider-Man action figures already in existence, it's hard to justify the creation of yet another plastic Peter Parker unless there's a good reason for it. In the case of Marvel Select's upcoming Spider-Man figure, there is no good reason.

Geek Week rightly points out that this latest Spidey - set to swing onto toy shelves later this month - is really no different than any other traditional red-and-blue version of the hero that we've seen before.

Marvel Select figures are pricier than their Marvel Legends siblings due to increased size and elaborate bases, among other reasons. Here, Spider-Man comes equipped with a basic crushed green car that doesn't really live up to previous Marvel Select work. The costume design is nice enough, but the way it conforms to Peter's face and torso makes it look like there's an alien under that mask. That's unfortunate, because Peter's actually a smart looking dude.

Simply put, without some sort of complicated background piece, this Spider-Man figure is a waste of money. You can find more articulate versions of the character with better sculpts at better sizes and better prices. I know that everybody gets one, but this wallcrawler should take a pass.