Coming in 2012, Hasbro will unleash another wave of two packs packed with comics depicting some classic clashes. According to Previews Magazine, Colossus will face a helmetless Juggernaut, Centurion Armor Iron Man will square off with Mandarin and first-appearance Wolverine will battle Hulk as part of the 3.75" Marvel Universe line on March 28. Previously-released two-packs featuring Spider-Man vs. Captain Britain, and Wolverine vs. Captain America will also join the assortment.Of the three new two-packs, fans will probably be most enticed by the de-helmed Juggernaut and repainted Mandarin from the Iron Man 2 comic series. This new version of ol' Juggy doesn't seem to come with a helmet, but considering the first version's helmet wasn't removable at all, it will be a nice addition to anyone who loves Cain Marko. The first 3.75" scale version of Mandarin was a relative rarity at retail as part of the IM2 line, so this option could be easier to pick up for those seeking more Iron Man villains in their life.

Check out images of the Marvel Universe Comic Packs 2012 wave 1 below:

[Via Marvelousnews]