While technically a 2011 release, Hasbro's latest 3.75" Marvel Universe wave seems to be out next year in name only. Fans should be pleased to know that the six-figure line that includes Captain Marvel, Doc Samson, World War Hulk, Iron Man (sporting his latest comic book armor), Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Woman has arrived for pre-order at a number of online retailers and is currently expected for arrival a full month before old man 2010 is replaced by baby 2011. In New Years lore, the baby eats the old man and gains his power, right? Let's say he does and move on.This line is pretty notable for giving Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel and Doc Samson their first MU 3.75" incarnations, as well as delivering new versions of Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man. Spider-Man 2009 is more or less a new paint job on a tried-and-true sculpt, but WW Hulk packs in its share of all-new accessories and sculpted parts and modern Iron Man is either a mostly new sculpt or a very skillful rearrangement of the numerous MU and "Iron Man 2" armors with a slick paint job. In any case, there's really not a dud in the wave.

Check out the new action figures from wave 12 below: