Given its robust lineup of new characters, Hasbro's upcoming 3.75" Marvel Universe action figures should please fans of the recent "Secret Invasion" and "Dark Reign" storylines when waves 4 and 5 arrive this summer. Of course, there's ample room for Pet Avengers and "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" to be excited too.

Marvelousnews reports that Bigbadtoystore has each wave up for preorder, with wave 4 shipping in June followed by wave 5 in July. Wave 4 is set to include Iron Patriot, Wrecker, Iron Spider-man, Winter Solider, Mary Jane and Skrull Soldier. Wave 5 will expand that offering with Captain Britain, Team X Wolverine, Multiple Man, Mystique, Ghost Rider, Iron patriot, Wrecker, Colossus, Spider-Man and Hulk.

Both waves seem to do a pretty good job of balancing heroes/villains from the Avengers and "X" books while still incorporating new additions like Ghost Rider and Captain Britain. Also, Mary Jane's Ms. Lion accessory should fit nicely with Kitty Pryde's Lockheed from wave 3 for a burgeoning Pet Avengers action figure lineup.[Via Marvelousnews]