Cases are nice - they help protect phones from the inevitable drops that happen so often between hand and pocket, but they often come at the price of style, offering few customization options for those with limited rendering skills.

As Comicvine points out today, those seeking a customized case experience, Coveroo seems to have you...covered.

The company offers a pretty unique service, laser etching a catalog of logos and characters (most importantly Mavel comics heroes) onto pretty much anything. They do cases, covers or the device itself. Pretty much what can be etched - in color or black and white - will be etched for the right price. Around $20-25 will get most fans what they're into.

The process is more permanent than Sharpie and arguably classier than stickers, although admittedly more expensive. There's also the risk of a kind of "tattoo remorse" for whatever electronic device gets etched.

Still, it may be worth a look for the branders among you.