Ms. Marvel SpecialThe always interesting weekly gossip column "Lying in the Gutters" had an item today that addressed something that's been bugging me lately - Marvel's continuity, or lack thereof.

Take a look:

Gossip reaches me that Marvel have created their own "get out of jail free" card for whatever continuity issues or interminable plot dead ends they find themselves in the future. The recent "Ms Marvel Special," ignored by most, features a new character "Storyteller" who can not only transform fiction into reality but can, if he wishes, change the ending.

There has been no shortage of reporting Marvel's continuity gaffes over the last few years, and things were particularly bad during Civil War. Characters were showing up in too many books at the same time, saying different things, going different places, forgetting important's detracted from the stories and made a lot of their comics seem shoddy to be honest. If this character is for real (I didn't read the Ms. Marvel Special, but will now) then Marvel is opening a HUGE can of worms.

Unlike DC, Marvel managed to spend decades not needing a continuity reboot, or a Crisis of any sort (except for that evil Tony Stark thing from Avengers). But at this point I'm honestly expecting them to need a Zero Hour at some point in the next two years. Or maybe they can just have this Storyteller doofus take care of it.

There is a lot to fix in terms of Marvel's continuity. After reading Civil War #7, I can think of at least 20 things I'd wipe out right off the bat. I'm curious to hear what part of Marvel history you'd like fixed...