Endowed with a talent similar to Jack Kirby and Jeff Lemire in that he can draw the double-rainbow dickens out of a wide range of characters and make them all become immediately recognizable as creations from his portfolio, Matt Kindt stands out on the convention sketch and commission circuit. The graphic novelist behind such works as "Revolver" and "Super Spy" has proven himself on more than a few occasions with his own concepts, but the side work he's done for non-comics clients, himself and fans has become sizable as well.You can catch artwork based on Charles Laughton's 1955 film "The Night of the Hunter," Nick Fury, Wolverine and Little Lotta over on Kindt's personal blog. Some visionary out there in the art collecting world even appears to have asked for a picture of Lockjaw with a mustache.

Best of all has to be the assassination-style strangle Batman is attempting to put on Captain America in the upper left-hand corner of Kindt's Marvel vs. DC heroes piece, though. You can check that out along with his other recent works and pick your own winners below.