Gamers out there who dig the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series may be pleased to know that BioWare Associate Art Director Matt Rhodes enjoys keeping his hands busy with Batman and retooled Disney concepts in his off hours. The guy draws some breathtaking backdrops and handles matured versions of Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin characters like it was his job.
Just feast your eyes on his "Disneypocalypse" piece, which looks like Ragnarok came to the House that Walt Built. Rhodes' recreational work appears on his deviantArt account, where that nice painting, a redesigned Cheetara and a few other warm, fantasy-style prints can be found.

Additionally, he's toyed around with new costume styles for Batman and Poison Ivy. The Caped Crusader looks more Black Panther-ish, thanks to Rhodes' creativity. They're all gorgeous, though. It's easy to see why the folks making some of the best action/RPG's in the business right now want him on on their team.

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