As classic as the original "Masters of the Universe Classics" toys are, there's no denying that Mattel's recent relaunch of the action figure line has been pretty tremendous. Creative departures have been made, sure, but for the most part, the new "Masters of the Universe" figures are fairly faithful to the old ones, while providing upgraded detail and articulation.

But not even modern day Mattel could overcome the Moss Man problem. Toy News International recalls that Mattel's process on recreating Moss Man was complicated by the toy manufacturer's inability to properly marry the toy's flexibility with his need to be hairy. And, yes, he does need to be hairy - flocked style.

Luckily, Mattel somehow figured out a happy balance, and the Moss Man figure is now slated for a March of 2010 release date on Matty Collector, fully articulate and equipped with 100% grade-A moss. What more can anyone really ask for?

I guess we could always ask for more moss. Because, really, we could always use a little more moss in our lives.