Mega Man fan art has come a long way since the days of Nintendo Power's Mega Man 6 boss design contest. This year, the Mega Man Gigamix publishers at Udon decided to hold their own Mega Man tribute contest, and the entries they received range from some epic fantasty-style interpretations to one heavy-hitting neo-Liefeldian portrait of the Blue Bomber.
Heaps of Mega Buster variations await your eyes over at Rampaged Reality, where the anatomy, extended cast of characters and evil robot masters of the Mega Man universe have been rendered.

Most of the entrants shown there preferred more adult-looking designs for Mega Man than you'll find in his NES and Archie Comics adventures, but you never know; maybe Capcom and Udon will see something they like in here and decide to give us some more muscly Youngblood-ready Mega Man incarnations down the road. Click on down for a glance at what we've all been missing out on and the answer to how the blue guy changes directions in mid jump.