The UK's girl-blaming pop sensation Mika is now soul grooving to his "Kick-Ass" single in a new music video. The verdict? Dude can sing, but I'm not sure if he's a perfect choice to market the movie. Well, maybe to teens.

Mika kicks off the video looking worse for the wear in a scenario that makes him resemble Kick-Ass' secret identity Dave Lizewski - at least the film's version as played by Aaron Johnson (or maybe even Harry Potter?).

The video's pretty much a straight commercial for the film and its soundtrack, which drops March 30. In terms of content, it consists of roughly 80 percent "Kick-Ass" movie footage. Soundtrack vids are notoriously terrible as a rule, however, so I think MIka and company do a decent job of at least incorporating the artists' obligatory face time without resorting to completely hokey nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, hokey nonsense can be awesome. I will forever dig Huey Lewis' obnoxious "Back to the Future" crosspromo. Still, I really appreciate the remarkably harmless Mika refraining from actually fighting anyone in the vid. That would've treaded on R. Kelly's "Gotham City" territory of terrible.

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[Via BleedingCool]