Sleeping gear modeled after "Star Wars" spacecraft and creatures is hardly unprecedented. We've seen Tauntaun sleeping bags and beds based upon the Y-Wing and the AT-AT in the past, proving that not even the dreamscape is safe from the clutches of George Lucas.

But if you can believe it, all of those beds have been surpassed by Kayla Kromer, who has done the unthinkable by turning the Millennium Falcon -- Han Solo and Chewbacca's eternally awesome chariot once owned by Cloud City's own Lando Calrissian -- into the coolest sleeping apparatus known to mankind.

The circular bed appears to be an exact replica of the Falcon, albeit with less functionality - but even then, it's impressively functional thanks to working lights and an openable cockpit that you can fit some action figures inside of.

Honestly, I can't see how any geeky beds could ever top this one, unless somebody figures out how to turn the Death Star into a destruction-worthy sleeping apparatus.

[Link via /Film]