Minx ComicsI started off Saturday by attending a panel on the upcoming Minx Comics line. This new DC Comics aimed at teen girls is being headed by Shelly Bond (of Vertigo fame). I was a bit surprised by the turnout for this panel as a large portion of the audience were librarians and educators. They seemed very happy with this line and were begging for more books for this age range.

Lets start with a few basic facts on this new line:

  • All titles will be black, white and gray
  • The standard book will be 176 pages
  • Price-points are under $10.00
  • The target audience is teen girls from 12-18
  • Each issue will be a self contained story

The line launches in May with The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and art by Jim Rigg. The story focuses on a girl whose parents move from the city to the suburbs. A few themes from this book that we can all relate to include the first day in a new school, making new friends and that special first kiss.

The second book is Re-Gifters by Mike Carey with art by Sonny Liew and Marc Hemphel. Re-Gifters follows a Korean American California girl learning that what goes around comes around.

July brings us Clubbing by Andi Watson with art by Josh Howard. This focuses on a spoiled London girl solving a murder mystery.

Finally in August we have Good as Lily by Derek Kirk Kim. This title explores what would you do if you suddenly met versions of your self at the ages of 6, 29 and 70. Imagine dealing with this and high school too...

While I am am not quite their target audience, I believe that this will be a very important line for bringing in new readers. At this time I can't think of any other regular line of books aimed at this audience. I have seen a copy of the first book and this is a top quality product. The art looks great and is printed on nice paper that will last multiple readings as the book is ultimately shared by friends.

I wish the Minx team the best of luck in their launch. :-)