Looks like Mondo was saving the best two turtles for last when it came to its new sixth-scale figure line. We'd already seen Leonardo and Donatello, so it was just a matter of time until Michelangelo and Raphael joined up. Of course, leaving Raph for last just proves how awesome he is because you don't close out the show if you're not a true headliner. That said, being runner-up to the main man isn't so bad, Mikey. It's not like his feeling will be hurt. He is a fictional character. And just a toy. So, you know, he doesn't have feelings.

Anyway, Mondo's Mirage-inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line has been impressive thus far, mixing some nice-looking sculpts with a bunch of interesting accessories. Michelangelo will continue that trend quite nicely, as he'll not only come with the same grip hands, climbing claw hands and shurikens as the others, but also his signature nunchaku. Of course, it's all about that additional "Splayed Fingers of Positive Vibes" hand Mondo's including. It's also got us hoping Raph comes with a "Upright Finger of Righteous Indignation."

The additional Mike-specific accessories should make longtime fans happy. Of course you pretty much need to be an expert in TMNT-ology to understand why it's cool that he comes with a Triceraton blaster or the Lil' Orphan Alien. I almost wish the exclusive version came with those features and the standard figure came with the pizza slices (one cheese, one pepperoni). That feels like the only misstep here on Michelangelo.

The sculpt (by Ramirez Studios) looks to be just as solid as the previous figures in the line. Even in the quick look we got at the figures at SDCC this year, the prototypes did show loads of promise and plenty of articulation. Things can always change by the time production starts, but hopefully Mondo won't fall prey to some of the issues that have plagued other boutique toy makers over the years.

Mondo also teased the preliminary box art for the Turtle figures over on its Instagram. The box design is being handled by Mondo and artist Jason Edmiston, who's done a lot of cool work for Mondo over the years.


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There will be two versions available, the standard Michelangelo that comes with just about everything conceivable under the sun, for $149.99, and a limited Mondo edition for $159.99 that comes with two slices of pizza to go with all the other accessories.


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