Hasbro debuted a number of impressive Marvel offerings at this past week's New York City Toy Fair 2010, but one of the most bizarre (and endearing) had to be "Tony Starch," the Iron Man version of Mr. Potato Head. Joining the ranks of "Spider-Spud" as Marvel's second potato-ized hero, the tuberous Armored Avenger could potentially set a precedent for future film-to-toys adaptations. Could we see a "Potato America?" A "Thor-tato?" Judging from Spidey and Shellhead, anything is possible.

But what about Marvel's "Avengers" relaunch in the comics? What would Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.'s new lineup look like beside 'Starch and 'Spud? Take a look at our imaginings after the jump. Just, you know, be ready for some seriously terrible potato-themed puns.

Potato America



Spud-er Woman (Oh it hurts)