Nahum Ziersch injects more thought into the stories behind his superhero concept portraiture than a fair number of tandem creative teams out there producing multi-panel comics. The influence of mainstream heroes like The Flash and The Tick is more than evident in his series of pieces themed around everyday moments in spandex-clad superbeings' lives, but his animated line work and clearly articulated expressions show off his own unique senses of character and situation-setting.

He-Man getting a little mist-eyed, a Batman-style crime fighter dozing off in the early morning and a speedster discovering a rain-soaked teddy bear are just a few of the scenes Ziersch has concocted in his Society6 feed. His tribute to Heath Ledger's Joker and vision of a "city that always sleeps" also stand out there, and if you still want to see more, you can check out the gallery on his personal website.

For a preview of his talents in our favorite Ziersch creations, simply scroll down below and prepare to be wow'd.