I'm a little confused by Snuggie™, the Blanket With Sleeves. If it's a tailored piece of fabric with sleeves and you're wearing it, doesn't it stop being a blanket and just become... clothes? Isn't that basically what a robe is? Since I've got a fleece jacket on right now, I guess you could also say I'm wearing a blanket with sleeves and pockets and a zipper, but then I would hate you.

I thought things had gone too far when they started making Snuggies for dogs, which meant that you had animals pretending to wear clothes that were pretending to be blankets, but that has subsequently been topped by the news that there are "Naruto" snuggies on the way from Viz Media. That's right: Snuggie cosplay.

The picture posted to the Viz Twitter features a woman in a Snuggie based on the cloaks of the villanous "Naruto" ninjas, the Akatsuki. This is going to make anime conventions sooo much easier, as cosplayers will soon literally be able to roll out of bed in costume. I'm making a joke, but also it will happen.

(via iGeektrooper)