There once was a time when I would have thought it completely unbelievable to have Batman watching over my home. First of all, the dude is a fictional character. Secondly, I don't live in Gotham, which is a fictional place. Sure, there are a myriad of collectibles currently available that allow me to put miniature Batmans all over the place, and between you and me, those little guys are in a lot of places in my house. None of those scaled-down figures strike the fear of the night into criminals however. It's a trade-off in being able to afford them and fit them in convenient places like bookshelves.

Now, NECA's announced a life-size Batman based on the Batman: Arkham Knight incarnation, and what it lacks in function it more than makes up for in straight-up awesome.

Standing at a healthy 6' 2", the foam replica Batman features all the intricate armored detail of the Arkham Knight suit, including a lengthy fabric cape flowing behind the figure. The lack of moving parts hurts a tiny bit, but also makes sense once you see the price point of the stationary version.

Batman here is going to set you back a cool Grover Cleveland and a few Benjamin Franklins. It might actually cost you less than a real Grover Cleveland though since those haven't been in print for close to a century, and fetch a handsome sum the auction block. So unless you actually have a vault somewhere like I imagine the real Bruce Wayne does, you probably don't have any $1000 bills that are easily accessible.

Real talk though, this is a pretty impressive piece of work. It might actually make for a great first addition to your own trophy room, should you feel like dropping a mortgage payment on a Batman collectible. Though it's based on the in-game model, the head does look a little tiny, but it might just be the photography playing tricks with perspective and scale. With that in mind, I'd actually like to see this thing in person, and also to have a better idea of how the armor plating looks in foam rubber.

The Batman: Arkham Knight Life-size Foam Replica Batman is available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore for $1099.99, and is expected to arrive in March.


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