Comedy sketches about superheroes tend to be a pretty mixed bag. We know, they're sent to us each time one emerges from the ether. So believe us, we're as surprised as you are that the good people over at Nerdist have managed to knock out two in a single month that are pretty hilarious. Hot on the heels of a short about Batman's parents not actually being dead comes "STA: Superhero Talent Agency," which imagines a world where heroes have agents to get them endorsement deals and television appearances, and just what exactly that requires.

Among STA's illustrious clients are the Hulk, Batman, the Golden Age Flash and yes, even that scumbag Gambit, but the real stars are the agents themselves, Tina and Marques Champlagne, as they try to manage the marketability of various superheroes.

While the lead roles obviously have the focus of the sketch, my favorite bit by far comes from Emily Rudd as the receptionist who has to deal with constant phone calls from heroes and villains like the Riddler, who seems to be far less interested in landing a major role than setting up his next crossword-themed deathtrap. Overall, it's a solid sketch -- and if Nerdist can somehow manage to follow it up with a third genuinely funny superhero video, something that I don't think any other Internet comedy troupes have ever managed to do before, it may actually be a sign of the end times.