Last week's "Battle of the Cowl" #3 revealed to the world that Dick Grayson, the former Robin and current hero Nightwing, would step into Batman's shoes (and costume) following his apparent "death," and that Bruce Wayne's slightly psychotic son, Damian, would be taking on the role of Robin.

Next week, the new "Batman and Robin" book by the famed "All-Star Superman" team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely comes out to feature the new Bat-team, and Morrison cites some of his more eclectic influences for it in a long interview at IGN:

It was taking that aspect of the Batman TV show and then trying it in with David Lynch and Twin Peaks. [laughs] And creepy European cartoons and marionettes and stuff like that. That bad dreamlike feeling of a Marilyn Manson video in the '90s, or like Chris Cunningham's video for 'Windowlicker'. [laughs] Again, it was about trying to fuse those two things together into a bad trip, Lewis Carroll kind of world. I realize I give a massive, long answer every time we speak, Dan. But that was kind of what obsessed me about Batman and Robin going into it – to take these weird elements and marry them together to see what we could get.