New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert may not have a ton of time to keep up with comic books due to a constant touring schedule (and presumably smooching Haley Williams of Paramore), but at least he's legit enough to admit it in his recent interview with Unlike a lot of celebs confronted with what's become "the comic book question," he seems pretty comfortable just spelling out his relation to superheroes - Marvel's superheroes at any rate.

Gilbert discusses his favorite Marvel hero (The Punisher) and villain (Thanos) as well as his band's mention in "Amazing Spider-man" #591, during which writer Dan Slott had two of Spidey's supporting characters attend a Marvel Universe version of his band's concert while the Web Slinger was stuck in the Macroverse with the Fantastic Four.

The best part of the interview, however, is probably when Gilbert fills Marvelites in on NFG's side project, The International Superheroes of Hardcore, a Madball-style comedy band that calls out Spider-Man and company for selling out to Hollywood among other things.

Catch the complete interview after the jump.

Is it just me or did Gilbert seem a bit nervous? I guess even dudes who sang for Shai Hulud at the age of 14 can still get intimidated by the power of comics.