We've seen a number of new Iron Man 3 posters over the past few weeks, featuring a grim Don Cheadle as War Machine, a falling Iron Man that turned out to be surprisingly GIF-able, and even Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin looking straight-up pimp. The newest poster, though, is all about the numerous (piloted?) Iron Man armors that'll potentially be flying around in the film, as a battle-damaged Tony Stark tries to stay afloat (metaphorically and literally) in the mix.The poster notably includes a bunch of familiar-looking armors in the background. The Iron Patriot design has already been highlighted, and fans have pointed out that the middle-right armor resembles the deep-space design, possibly setting up a cameo in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. With the many different designs already released, attentive Iron Man fans should keep their eyes peeled in the movie for the undoubtedly large amount of Easter eggs.

Directed by Shane Black and slotted for a May 3 release, Iron Man 3 loosely adapts Warren Ellis and Adi Granov's 2005-2006 Extremis storyline. From the looks of the film's various trailers, it seems as if comic antagonist Dr. Aldrich Killian and The Mandarin will be enacting all manor of horrible acts of vengeance upon everyone's favorite socially-lubricated billionaire with a heart of gold arc reactor energy. With the Avengers 2 and multiple other Marvel movie projects in the works, however, something tells us Tony Stark might just come out on top, battle-damage or no.

[Via Yahoo!]