If you were one of a bazillion fans who weren't able to get in to Hall H to see the first Man of Steel teaser from Warner Bros. during San Diego Comic-Con (or just hated the shoddy bootlegged version that's been making the rounds online), the time has finally come for you to get an official look at Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman film. There's not a ton going on, but the shots are pretty enough. Also? Zero slo-mo! A presumed Pa Kent or Jor-El voiceover muses about being a man as the teaser cuts between a scruffy-lookin' Henry Cavill kicking it Deadliest Catch style and a kid runs around a farm with a sweater/towel cape flying behind him. Fans will probably dig the teaser's final shot, which sees Supes soaring fast enough to cause a sonic boom. See what you think of the official teaser for Man of Steel, which opens June 13, 2013, after the jump.