If you've been watching Marvel's Thor movie images, trailer and Comic-Con booth displays in 2010, you should already have a coherent idea of the fashion senses that Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are going to be abiding by when they dress themselves as the title God of Thunder and his brother Loki in theaters for 2011. Some new Marvel Select figures sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios will literally let you get your hands on their outfits, though, and they offer a tiny glimpse at the scale and style of their garments.

They are a little less shiny than the non-Select Thor movie figures that showed up earlier this year, but if you really want to strike fear into the hearts of your Frost Giant toys, this thunder god will come equipped to do just that.

BigBadToyStore.com estimates that these two bros will be here by May 2011, right around when the movie hits, so there's no rush for getting your pre-orders in. Nevertheless, they will be excellent visual aids for all of you who want to cosplay your way into opening night like worthy Asgardians.

See the full-sized image of each toy below: