It's not all that often that one happens across a designer who can render fine Victorian-looking portraits of Star Wars characters and snazzy vodka-bottle labels, but Nick Agin wields uncommon art powers. Not only has he given Yoda a proper uniform that's fit for a member of the Jedi Council; he's matched Darth Vader and C-3PO with suits befitting for prominent loved ones on an early 19th-century family's household wall.If you're still skeptical, you can check out Agin's online portfolio. His "Cryptozoology" designs, one of which is available as a print via, are also brilliant.

The dignity Agin bestows upon the Stormtroopers and Red Guards of the Star Wars-verse is most commendable, though. While these guys seem to spend most of their careers in the movies getting plowed over and killed by blasters, his fancy pictures offer them the kind of prestige that their Imperial colleagues can only dream of.

[Via Geek-Art]