Looking for a lush, softly-colored Eternia landscape to set your mind at ease and fill you with a sense of calm? Artist Nick Justus has that covered in his portfolio of oddities and superhero artwork. His Daredevil shows a lot of promise, as does his vaguely Tim Bradstreet-ish Savage Dragon portrait, which wisely casts Bruce Willis in the role of Erik Larsen's Image character.
Justus shares his work on deviantART, where monkeys, severed heads and hard punches round out his gallery. The guy lays down some devastatingly tight lines and shading in there, and he may have illustrated the single most populated piece of Wild Wild West fan art of all time (not that there's all that much competition).

He obviously draws a lot of joy into his work, though, and a pieces like his Hulk transformation sequence and Superman illustrations showcase that love as much as anything. Check 'em all out below.