After months and months of teaser images, exciting trailer videos and indeed finally playing the actual game, it would seem impossible to get more psyched for Batman: Arkham City. But even though the Rocksteady Studios masterpiece has been on sale a whole week, we find ourselves once again writhing shamelessly in anticipation for what's coming next month: Nightwing.

We've known for a while that a Nightwing package would be available for download via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, but it wasn't until this animated trailer was released did we truly realize how much more Arkham City had to offer. Click after the cut to see the first son of the DC Universe, Dick Grayson, kicking some serious ass in his inimitable high-flying Nightwing style.

Available November 1 on Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft Points and PlayStation Network for $6.99, the Nightwing downloadable content package comes with his own gadgets and weapons and the Wayne Manor and Main Hall maps. Of course, Nightwing is playable in all the Arkham City challenge maps, and, if you prefer, in his mullet-tastic incarnation from Batman: The Animated Series.