Swiss artist J.P. Kalonji made a name for himself in North America in 2009 with his English-language debut 365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice from Dark Horse Comics. The title's vivid colors and animated sensibility made Lone Wolf and Cub-like action accessible an all-ages crowd, much like Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo. On February 15, Kalonji will return to an ancient Japanese setting, this time tapping into the supernatural for the 120-page Ningen's Nightmare.

The story will follow the journey of Ningen, a monk compelled to leave his temple in order to protect Japan's common people from the wars of feuding lords. This draws the attention of an evil witch -- along with her hired bounty hunters -- who seek to use Ningen's pure blood to resurrect an evil demon-samurai at a pivotal point that would send Japan spiraling even deeper into chaos.

Dark Horse has provided us with exclusive sketches by Kalonji that introduce the cast of Ningen's Nightmare. Check them out after the jump.