"No Heroics," the British TV series about the love lives and off-duty antics of four work-a-day superheroes, looked like it was headed for an American remake after ABC ordered a pilot, but io9 reports that they have sadly decided to pass.

Since we've all been robbed of a "massive, cool, edgy" comics sitcom with American accents, the British original will have to do. The first episode is still online at the show website, and while you have to download the iTV player to watch it, it's worth it.

Creator Pearce has some serious geek cred of his own, and while the American version planned to have even "more geek detail," the British one wasn't slacking. Check out this flash gallery of comics in-jokes, and see if you can spot all the references in the brews on tap at "The Fortress," the superhero pub of "No Heroics" (answers after the jump):

Gin City -- Down the hatch with Frank Miller's Finest.
Little Jock -- a tribute to the Scottish character in The Boys.
V for Vodka -- an Alan Moore reference.
Logan's Rum -- a nod to Wolverine.
Bottled Beast -- another X-Men tribute.
Grey Widow Vodka -- a nod to Russian assassin Black Widow.

Other beers on the show include Moore's Old Peculiar, Morrison's Mad Scrumpy, and Ditko's -- references to the creators Alan, Grant, and Steve respectively.