Nova #1 coverNova #1

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Sean Chen & Scott Hanna
Publisher: Marvel

Seeing as how I wrote a post a few weeks ago touting the return of Nova in his own series, I figured it was only fair that I read and review it. So, after work yesterday I made a trip to the local comic shop and picked it up along with my usual pull list. Unfortunately, reading and reviewing comics isn't my day job, so I wasn't able to actually sit and read it until late last night. Anyway, if you're reading this, then you're probably all wondering the same thing.

"Well, how was it?"

To be honest, I'm not sure. For anyone not familiar with the events of the Annihilation Saga, in the aftermath of that war, Rich Rider, Nova, finds himself supremely pumped in the power department. In addition, he now possesses the Xandarian Worldmind - the collective knowledge of the things Xandarian. Unfortunately, Rider is also the sole survivor of the Nova Corps, and he now has two main missions. One, act as a security force for the universe and secondly to rebuild the Corps. It's not easy as seen in the first issue. Most of issue finds Nova talking with the Worldmind while responding to "Emergency Code 8x8" distress calls, which apparently are the worst type of emergencies. The issue has lots of action and a chance to see just how powerful he has become.

The art is top notch. Clean and conveys a real sense of action. My only gripe would be Nova's helmet. The sides just seem too big and out of place. The conversations between Nova and the Worldmind sound like a parent talking to a teenager, but in a way I guess that makes sense. Nova thinks he has the answers while the Worldmind has the experience which is reminiscent of a typical parent/teenager relationship.

Like many first issues, it's really the set up for what's to come. At the end of book, Nova is heading home to Earth. The final page is the one that will bring you back for issue #2. S.H.I.E.L.D. detects something coming towards Earth and all they know is it's fast and very powerful. They don't know if it's hostile since they don't recognize the readings. The final panel is a shot of Iron Man, in full armor, standing ready. So, it's probably not a stretch to guess we're going to see a classic hero vs. hero slugfest in the next issue.

Personally, I'm glad the creators have chosen to bring Nova home so early in the series. While I've always liked the Nova character, opening the series with six issues of him in space surrounded by a supporting cast I know nothing about would have been a tough sell. Now I get to see him interact with characters I know and, hopefully, get so engrossed in the story and character that when he inevitably moves back into space, I'll eagerly follow.