Closing out our coverage of day two of the New York Comic Con, I've got some noteworthy quotes and anecdotes, culled from three disparate panels, to share:

Several newsworthy tidbits were revealed in Joe Quesada's "Cup o' Joe" Q&A panel, including confirmation that not only will there be an Ultimate Iron Man 2, but that Orson Scott Card has already delivered some of the scripts. The script for issue 3 of Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine has been turned in by Jeph Loeb Damon Lindelof (whoops -- throw a rock in the Lost writer's room and you'll hit a comics writer, but this mini-series by Lost co-creator Lindelof is his first comics work). Quesada noted "he's been a little busy with a little thing called Lost, and I'm sure he'll beg everyone's forgiveness" [for the delay]. I arrived at the panel late, so missed the intitial discussions during the slideshow, but slides were still being projected during the Q&A, including the following:
Daredevil: End of Days
Daredevil: End of Days, by Bendis, Sienkiewicz, Janson, Mack and Maleev; Halo, a new ongoing series by Bendis and Maleev; Spider-Man: One More Day, written by Straczynski and drawn by Quesada himself, and due in August. It was dropped that Eddie Brock will again appear as Venom in an upcoming issue of Sensational Spider-Man. What happened to Ilyana Rasputin after House of M will be revealed in New X-Men #37 and on. A Squadron Supreme announcement is "coming soon ... the book's not gone."

Frank Miller was unable to make what would have been his first public appearance to promote Will Eisner's The Spirit movie. Miller is currently writing the final draft of the screenplay, which will represent his solo directing debut. Producer Michael Uslan read an email Miller had sent to be read to the crowd offering his apologies for missing the engagement. Turns out he "slipped on a patch of black ice on a Manhattan sidewalk and smashed [his] hip to bits" a few weeks back. He's been undergoing a series of surgeries since the accident. Comics Alliance offers our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Miller's fellow filmmaker Kevin Smith mentioned in his typically frank (and typically bawdy) spotlight panel that his upcoming plans include: directing the pilot for the CW called Reaper, which begins shooting March 12; waiting to see if Manchild, in which he is acting, is picked up as a series by Showtime; and planning to "shoot two flicks back to back, a comedy and a horror movie," both of which he will presumably be writing for himself to direct.

In response to a question wondering what his favorite comics-based movies are, Smith replied "I like X2 an awful lot ... an unsung one I like a lot is The Rocketeer ... those two I think are great. I like the TMNT. I have a very soft spot in my heart for the 1989 Tim Burton Batman." In response to which comic book character he would kill off if he could, Smith unhesitatingly replied, "Superman," expounding with "it's like if Jesus was a comic book character ... but they killed him off right away. [Superman] is just way too omnipotent." He later went on to add Spidey to his hit list, saying "Superman and Spider-Man: two massive goliaths in the comic book industry."

Brian K. Vaughan, newly minted member of the writing staff for Lost, shared the following anecdote in the "Crossing Over: How the Comics Boom is Changing Entertainment," panel: "Five years ago, I went out to L.A. ... and met with a lot of interns who loved my comics [who said] 'wish we could make a movie out of this, dude.' And now, five years later, there's been a sort of geek Diaspora and all of those interns are now running the studios. And I've certainly benefited from that., so hurrah, geeks!"

Hurrah, indeed! And that's all the news that's fit to blog today. Tune back in tomorrow as we bring you the final day of the 2007 New York Comic Con!