I have spent most of the morning wandering the floor show and pointing out various things to one of my co-workers. Jason has never been to a comic book show, so he isn't really sure what he is looking at most of the time. this makes it rather fun for me as I can tel l him anything I want when he asks a question and he really has no choice but to believe me. :-)

Luckily he is a great photographer and I have a few pics from around the show to share with you. I will be posting more later, but the wireless access here is not only expensive, but not very good. I lost my last post 3 times. Luckily after the first time I learned to hit Save. Often.

I think that my favorite booth has to be DC Comics. Not only are the people friendly and willing to answer all of my annoying questions, but they have some kick-ass art hanging from the ceiling.

For anyone not sure of the exact scope of this show, it is huge. I believe that it spans parts of 4 floors of the Javits Convention Center. One floor is all meeting rooms for panels. I have managed to see Stephen King, Stan Lee and I think about half the staff of DC Comics at various panels. The second floor is the main entrance and a public stage. Level 3 is the main exhibit floor, small publishers and registration. Up top is Artists Alley and TONS of room for gaming. I am not really a gamer, but I am quite envious of the view of the river that they have. Here is a shot of a small portion of the main exhibit floor that I believe shows about 1/3 of the actual space.

On the good side, I am getting my exercise. I have usually managed to find stairs that let me get from one floor to the next and saves time waiting in line for the escalators. My doctor claims that exercise is a good thing and this weekend I REALLY hope that is true.