If you're a regular CA reader, you're likely already familiar with Meredith Gran's "Octopus Pie" (especially as one of CA contributor Alice Parker's picks for "The Best Webcomics of 2009"). But even if you've read the series online or watched Gran's illustration videos, you may not have caught the series' heroines getting down animated-style before.

That's why the appropriately-titled "All I Want For Christmas Is The Octopus Pie Christmas Special" video is so much fun.

Featuring OP's Brooklyn-based roomies dancing up a storm to Mariah Carey's "All I want For Christmas Is You," the video mimics many of "A Charlie Brown Christmas'" moves, along with the waggly rhythms of agitated anime characters.

Until recently I wasn't a regular reader of "Octopus Pie," but Gran's emotive artwork won me over before I finished even my first storyline.

Great Webcomic. Fun Christmas-themed animated clip. Give it a shot this holiday season if you're so inclined.

You may even wind up dancing afterward.

All I Want For Christmas Is The Octopus Pie Christmas Special from Meredith Gran on Vimeo.

Now I feel like dancing.