As Archie Andrews pushes 70 years of publication, many younger fans of Riverdale's resident horn-dog with a heart of gold may not have had the chance to read up on his secret past.

Thanks to a partnership with IDW Publishing, Archie Comics will soon release reprints of the character's earlier tales in collected editions, including the first works by creators John Goldwater and Bob Montana.

The upcoming deluxe hardcover and trade paperbacks are set to collect everything from Archie's first newspaper strips to "Best Of" volumes from different eras of the Archie franchise. Much of the older material hales from a time when Archie, Better, Veronica and buddy Jughead's wholesome adventures were softened by hormonal teenage impulses, unhealthy eating habits, straight-forward shallowness and blatant sexual innuendo - basically all of the things that make a teenage humor strip worth reading.

The announcement comes at a time when Archie Comics has been experimenting with a "new look" and less-goofy subject matter, having the modern Archie take a bride, and even going digital on the iPhone -- so a hard copy of his original stories should provide some contrast for longtime fans.