Every line in Oliver Akuin's art seems to flow with the fury of a thousand nunchakus, and he wields them well. He draws Pokémon mosaics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle throw-downs and general teenage fun with equal oomph, and floats across the decades with his tributes to iconic movies and cartoons.Akuin's art blog shows off his commissions and contributions to art shows, which have included Goonies and Ghostbusters pieces, as well as a portrait of Ben Linus as a young man selecting a bunny. His shapes are sharp, his style is expressive, and every detail in this guy's illustrations seems to do something interesting. It's no wonder he works on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

For those who love good, simple pen-and-ink/skinny-marker drawing techniques, Akuin's art is a blast to meander through. It's only too bad that he doesn't have a whole series of prints based on '80s movie posters up for sale. He does have plenty of art to share, though, so gobble it up with your eyes after the jump.