With just 365 days to go until The Dark Knight, Paul Jett's Batman-On-Film.com has gone into overdrive, staying on top of the cool scoops from the Chicago set and elsewhere.

Over the years, my fellow Texan has built a great reputation, not only by tapping into very credible sources close to the Batman set but carefully imbedding the spoilers -- the good, bad and false ones -- so anybody can review his daily news feeds and still avoid the surprises to come.

To get you juiced for next year's summer superhero film event -- sorry Iron Man -- check out this spoiler-free review of The Dark Knight by one of Jett's trusted minions and three videos of overnight shooting on Lower Wacker Drive, featuring a skating Joker and the Tumbler/Batmobile, earlier this week from My Fox Chicago.

And, what about those rumors that a TDK teaser will be attached to some screenings of The Simpsons Movie, debuting next week?