From the Now We Are Living in a Futuristic Spy Movie Department: A Saudi inventor has come up with a microchip that contains a GPS transceiver that can track you wherever you go, which is disconcerting in a Big Brother sort of way, but not even the part that is going to blow your mind. The chip, which is designed with to monitor "terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas" has a very special added feature: IT KILLS YOU.

"Model B would have an extra function - a dose of cyanide to remotely kill the wearer without muss or fuss if authorities deemed he'd become a public threat."

This is some James Bond-level death gadgetry, but what's scarier is the underlying idea that someone wants to move it from the world of espionage and black ops to the world of legitimate bureaucracy. It's the scientific advance that xenophobic lunatics worldwide have been waiting for: We're going to implant cyanide chips in you that will kill you when you overstay your visa. How many times do I have to tell you people: Never, ever put Dr. Doom in charge of your immigration policy. (Via io9)