Patricio Oliver is a gifted artist and a massive fan of Marvel Comics. His talent for drawing and design meets his passion for superheroes in full effect on his blog, where Oliver has posted loads of hyper-stylized interpretations of Marvel characters and many of his own creations as well. The work is very "animated" in that Bruce Timm way, and if you follow ComicsAlliance's Best Art Ever (This Week) series, you know we're big fans of that approach to character design. Oliver likes to create iconic portraits of the characters and then composite them into dynamic group shots, which we've collected for you after the jump along with some standout solos including characters from DC Comics and animation.

New X-Men (click to enlarge)

New Warriors (click to enlarge)

Guardians of the Galaxy

More New X-Men (click to enlarge)

Batman Beyond

Shadow Weaver from She-Ra

Captain/Princess Adora from She-Ra

Sister Grim

The New Mutants

Black Bolt

Kid Flash

Wonder Woman


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