You can always feel good about supporting a worthwhile charity like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, but it's even better when you can do it by partying.

Devil's Due Publishing and Dub Frequency gave Comic-Con attendees a chance to do exactly that on Saturday night in San Diego, hosting a "Popcultour" event with the proceeds going to benefit the CBLDF.

Fans of artist Paul Pope ("Heavy Liquid," "Adam Strange") got to see him step behind the turntables (left), remixing tracks live and syncing them up with a video mashup by Eclectic Method.

And while Pope delivered the audio, Jim Mahfood ("Clerks") and his crew were on hand to provide the visuals, creating live masterpieces in the midst of the party.

Much thanks to Jeff Newelt and everyone else involved for putting the "fun" in Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and giving us all an evening to remember. Even the fact that someone stole my wallet during the party and almost immediately charged a bunch of expensive stuff to my credit card couldn't dampen my enthusiasm, although the mystery of why the thief removed my NYC subway map from my wallet and put it back in my purse before absconding remains perplexing.

Check out the live drawing -- and body painting of ladies -- after the jump!