Charles Schulz's much beloved, long-running comic strip Peanuts is coming to theaters in a new, all CGI film in November 2015, and fans got their first look Tuesday via a few images and a 60-second teaser from Blue Sky Studios.

From the looks of it, fans should probably feel pretty encouraged. Not only do the movie characters look a whole heck of a lot like Schulz's comic designs (or at least 3D versions thereof), but the teaser indicates that the unforgettable Vince Guaraldi music that accompanied Peanuts TV specials for decades will be used. Check out the teaser and images after the jump!

Schulz's son Craig and grandson Bryan are credited as co-writers of the film, along with collaborator Cornelius Uliano. Steve Martino, whose last feature was Ice Age: Continental Drift, will direct.

Some critics have worried that the movie won't honor Charles Schulz's original work, and that may bear out, but at least it looks like they got the look right. And the sort of stop-motion feel of the animation is pretty cool, too.

In an interview with USA Today, producer Paul Feig calmed fears that some of the more obnoxious aspects of big budget CG animated films would find a way into the film stating, "Snoopy will not be rapping, no one will be twerking, we're in good hands."


Blue Sky Studios
Blue Sky Studios


[Via CartoonBrew/USA Today]