If you've been reading ComicsAlliance for long enough, then it absolutely will not surprise you to learn that nothing makes me more emotional than Pokemon. They're just so... they just want to be friends and to grow stronger through the firebreathing dog equivalent of martial arts! They just want you to be your best!

And that, my friends, is what Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are highlighting with their upcoming Super Bowl commercial. It's part of a year-long celebration of the franchise's 20th Anniversary --- Pokémon Red and Green made their debut on February 27, 1996 --- but it was released online today for all of us to enjoy. Give it a watch below, but prepare to start sobbing.



I couldn't see many details through the stream of tears shooting out of my face for the entire video, but fortunately, our own Betty Felon was watching, and between us, we saw a few cool details.

  • There's some graffiti on a car in the background of the first scene that looks an awful lot like Abra, the Psychic Pokemon.
  • The news report about the first kid's training also lists a weather report for the Kanto region.
  • And an advertisement for SURF HM on a sticker below.
  • The king on the chessboard is Nidoking.
  • As the football players leave the locker room, the jersey numbers are 19 and 96.
  • And their helmets have Fire Badges.
  • There are ads in the square for Moomoo Milk and Rare Candy.
  • The kid at the end has a Pikachu and his father believes in him a bloo a bloo a bloo bloo bloooooo

Okay. Okay. I'll be all right. Listen, it's a great ad is all.


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