Caught between an intergalactic color war and a super-powered zombie apocalypse in the pages of Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night" storyline, Green Lantern Hal Jordan may not seem like he's got a lot to sing about. But for power pop act Kirby Krackle, these troubles are just the currency of a new jam.

Their latest single, "Ring Capacity," sums up the trials and tribulations of Hal Jordan as he balances a finite power source with a boundless will. The song began streaming today at the Kirby Krackle website, but MP3 enthusiasts can receive a free copy by joining the band's mailing list.Kirby Krackle consists of collaborators Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos who combined their love of nerdery, artist Jack Kirby's energy illustrations and, of course, music to release a full-length album this year.

Between the buzz surrounding this summer's Green Lantern comic book storyline and the July 21 release date of the animated "Green Lantern: First Flight," Kirby Krackle seems to have tapped into the Oan Zeitgeist just in time. However, considering their pop culture prevalence, it's possible they willed things this way.