What do you get when you cross "The Walking Dead" with Marvel's ongoing adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen? Say it with me: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies."

As you may already be aware, this horror mashup of the classic novel about 19th century Britishes and their romantic indecision added an all-new subplot about a zombie plague sweeping the British isles, and transformed the Bennet sisters into ruthless hunters of the undead (as well as husbands).

There is now a deluxe heirloom edition on preorder that promises 30% more zombies, and full-color illustrations of the most memorable moments from P&P&Z. I can only assume this includes Elizabeth's brutal throwdown with Mr. Darcy, and the time she pulled the still-beating heart out of a ninja's chest and ate it.I recently read "P&P&Z" -- which is practically begging for a comic book adaptation -- on a cross-country flight to the MoCCA comics festival, and my verdict is in: Believe the hype.

I'd never actually read the original novel, and since I've already acquired my English degree and am bound to no man's syllabus, I'm not sure I would have save for the promise of English maidens beheading the undead with katana blades.

Proper English society juxtaposed with zombies plays out pretty much exactly how it does in the title, with long passages about dinner parties and balls interrupted by zombie hordes bursting in and eating people's brains. My only complaint would be that the Bennet sisters comment on their mad zombie-killing skills so often in conversation that from time to time it felt a little contrived, or perhaps just arrogant?

Regardless, it is awesome. And if you've ever wondered exactly how zombie necrobiology works, a Harvard neurobiologist has got the whole thing figured out.