For those who've been keeping up with Tim Drake's adventures in "Red Robin," it's safe to say the former sidekick has taken Bruce Wayne's apparent death the least well of the extended bat family.

Since his series was relaunched, the angsty Drake has pretty much refused to accept Wayne's demise and has been scouring the globe searching for answers. Unfortunately so has Ra's al Ghul.

Though the two have different reasons for wanting to track down the original Batman, their goal is effectively the same. And now that this new image from "Red Robin" #4 has popped up at DC's The Source, it looks like fans are getting closer to a story about the return of you-know-who. Y'know, the guy who was etching a bat into a cave wall at the end of "Final Crisis."


It's just a very specific bat etching on a cave wall - it could have been any prehistoric person....