I realize the true significance of Great Britain's "Guy Fawkes Night" is difficult to directly appreciate here in the United States, but it's worth pointing out that today is indeed the 404th anniversary of the would-be midnight bomber what bombs at midnight's foiled attempt to blow up British Parliament.

I mean, I personally know of no reason that gunpowder treason should ever be forgot(ten). Especially because "404" is HTTP error speak for "Not Found."

You could burn an effigy of the guy who wanted to blow the British Parliament sky-high to disrupt Protestant rule, or you could just read Alan Moore and David Lloyd's "V for Vendetta," toss in the bald Natalie Portman Blu-ray and scroll through Guy Fawkes' Wikipedia entry to celebrate.

The choice is yours, and in the end, that's what celebrating foiled terrorism is all about. That, and the importance of anonymous tipsters in fighting mass murder for the sake of civil disobedience.

Me? I'll probably just watch "Die Hard."