You may not have even realized that Kermit the Frog and Kanye West were dead, but once you lay your eyes on the bloody watercolors of Reza Razoli, you'll see both of them in a new light. Looking at iconic characters from films like Pulp Fiction and Home Alone, as well as Wolverine and Homer Simpson, Rasoli has channeled the goofy style of someone like Dan Hipp, and stuck it in a blender with the splattery, morbid sensibilities of Ben Templesmith.
Rasoli's horrorfest on his blog over at should really resonate with movie nerds. Between his District 9 piece and the group shot of the Reservoir Dogs crew that he painted, there's a lot there for your blood-squirting heart to love.

His unsavory shared moment between undead Homer and undead Bart deserves to star it its own opening credit sequence at some point, though. See for yourself and let it turn you below.