Of all the things I thought I'd say today, "Man I'm jealous of Rick Springfield's Star Wars action figure collection," probably ranks somewhere around 1,987,784,359,251,981,320 on that list. That's squarely below things like, "I'm hungry," and "Who let the dogs out?" But it's also well above "I really enjoyed that Facebook chat with my conservative family," and "Please, show me more pictures of your baby."

Yet here we are, in 2015, and I'm talking about actor/singer/former heartthrob/Star Wars figure fan Rick Springfield. Truly, we live in the strangest of times.

In a short video profile with Rolling Stone, Springfield reveals his incredibly valuable collection of some of the rarest Star Wars action figures (including the Turkish bootlegs). All of Springfield's collection is encased in acrylic cases, and have seemingly been rated by the Action Figure Authority (the CGC of the action figure world). But Springfield doesn't keep his figures protected and rated merely because they're valuable pieces of pop culture history. The only reason he keeps all his figures "mint in package" is because Kenner's original Star Wars figures were "cheesy," "badly painted and made," and he didn't want to ruin the cool packaging art.

Among Springfield's most treasured pieces are a blister card Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett (thought to be the only one in existence), a complete set of the telescoping lightsaber characters (Luke, Obi-Wan and Darth Vader), the vinyl robe Jawa, and the Han Solo with Blaster. Based on some of the pricing values attributed by Sotheby's for the upcoming Return of the Nigo auction, those toys alone are worth well into six figures. Some are even too rare to really put a value on since there are so few available anywhere in the world.

Check out the full video above for a nice little trip down memory lane, and try not to be immediately jealous. I know I never wanted to have Rick Springfield's fame before, but if it meant I could have all those cool toys, I might be willing to admit I wrote "Jessie's Girl" to people.


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