is great for a lot of things, like figuring out who a dude with a familiar face is from an Olive Garden commercial or verifying the release date of a Lifetime original movie, but a bastion of perfection it ain't. Still, when Kotaku got wind of Imdb's Robin casting info for Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkahm Asylum II," wishful (or fearful) thinking certainly comes into play.

Actor Vincent Martella is currently listed as the voice Robin, which the blogosphere's speculated is probably a goof. After all, Martella is set to play the Boy Wonder in the upcoming animated "Batman: Under the Hood," so it could just be a matter of crossed wires. Warner Bros even addressed the matter, telling Kotaku that the info is inaccurate to their knowledge.

Part of me would be happy to accept Robin in an "Arkham" sequel if it meant co-op play. Most of what I've heard of Martella has come from Disney's light-hearted "Phineas and Ferb," animated series, though, so he might have to Bale-ify his tone just a bit in order to fit well in a gritty video game world.
Even though the matter has essentially been cleared up for now, it's still interesting to consider how Robin might work in a new "Arkham" title. My instincts tell me fans might be okay with him as an NPC, but a playable character under the age of 18 might be too light for the game's appropriately gloomy atmosphere.