In a story echoing Peter Parker's identity theft problems at the hands of villainous imposters like the Chameleon, a Chattanooga, Tenn. area man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for armed robberies committed while wearing a Spider-Man mask.

According to Tennessee's The Chattanoogan, Jon Giles Woodburn, who pleaded guilty to six of eight robbery charges, including the aggravated robbery of two convenience stores and one hotel, may have even faced an even harsher sentence if prosecutors would have been able to prove that he used a real handgun to hold up his victims as opposed to a toy firearm.

Woodburn, 46, who was caught last year, reportedly committed the robberies to support his crack cocaine habit.

Authorities didn't mention it, but if they're anything like Marvel's finicky fictional New Yorkers, they likely still consider the web-slinger a menace, even if it wasn't his fault. Still, every good Spidey fan knows he'd never be caught with a gun. Well...maybe the Scarlet Spider...