Did you happen to notice artist Ryan Cody's hypothetical Authority cover up on the DC Fifty-Too blog? It was a gritty-looking setup for a burly, blood-speckled new take on DC's team, and if you dug his shadowy Mike Mignola-esque figures with a tint of cartoonish cheer and sparse line work in the spirit of Mike Oeming, you should see what else he can do.Cody hangs out virtually on a his super75comics Wordpress blog and posts lots of comics pages and other sketchy things to his deviantART gallery. From Hellboy and Catwoman to the Hulk and Atomic Robo, he gets around with his commissions.

He's also got his own comic, Icarus, and you may have seen his work on Villains for Viper Comics. His scenes range from thoughtful to frightening, but he's got a keen sense of posture and emotion with whoever he happens to be drawing.

Take a look at a few of our favorite Cody's pieces down below.